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digital marketing

The most cost-effective way to reach potential consumers, and stay in touch with existing clients, is through digital marketing.

Determining which channel is the best for your demographic, we will work together to plan, execute and manage your social media, online or e-newsletter campaigns. 

what it includes

planning session + goal setting

digital marketing calendar

asset design, content creation + optional copy writing

execution of campaign (facebook, instagram, e-newsletter, etc)

analytics + follow up

Interested in print materials? Click here.


Let's meet up for coffee and discuss the goals of your marketing campaign. work out time lines, vision board and message and determine best channel to reach your audience.


Creation of ads, newsletter, digital material, etc. for your review. Update with feedback. Finalize calendar. Get excited.


Run and manage the campaign. Ensure comments and feedback are responded to promptly and on brand.


Review results. Discuss strengths + opportunities for campaign. Toast our success. Get started on our next one.

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